The Streets of Malacca, Malaysia

Despite being the second smallest state in Malaysia, Malacca prides itself as a rich amalgamation of the different cultures. It has literally been a paradigm of East meets West even way before the advent of globalisation. Ask any Malaysian students about our country’s history and he or she would be quick to point out Malacca, the oldest city in Malaysia founded by a Malay Hindu prince, Parameswara in the 1400s.

Just as it is geographically small, nearly every tourist spot is within walking distance. There are gems to be discovered just about every corner and crevices.

One of the very first scenes when I landed at Malacca was actually…

Hard Rock Cafe. Not too surprising. After all, Malacca is one of the most popular destinations of Southeast Asia.
Department of National Heritage
Jabatan Warisan Negara Zon Selatan aka Department of National Heritage (South Zone), a building worth sketching in its own right.
This is the tourist information centre with plenty of booklets for backpacking tourists or those who did not have the luxury of time to do their homework beforehand.
Urban Sketching
An urban sketcher who managed to grab a shady spot was busy detailing the seemingly abandoned street of Malacca.
Probably what she is sketching

Distinctively red, these Dutch-style shophouses are the only one of its kind in Malay Peninsular.

The English Signboard harkens back to an era when Malay signage was not compulsory.
Traditional businesses operate at the centuries-old shophouses.

The footways are notably narrower than most other old shophouses in Malaysia.

Bird cages can be spotted on the ceilings of the dilapidated shophouses.
St Francis Xavier Church that is right opposite the rows of red shophosues.

Visited on 2 August 2016


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