Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, Korea

A trip to Seoul would be incomplete without a visit to its UNESCO site, South Korea. One might be slightly disappointed if he or she just visited Forbidden City in Beijing. In fact, I was rather surprised by how repetitive the Korean palace roof design can get afterwhile. Admittedly, the Korean palace could look rather simple at first glance, but this is precisely where its beauty lies. The very fact that Korea was a vassal state of ancient China explains why the Korean palace cannot overpower that of its ‘master’.



During winter, coals are shoved into the space underneath the pavillion.
An interesting overlapping of roofs.
The motifs are somewhat redolent of the Baba Nyonya ones.


– As a vassal state of China, only phoenix (instead of dragon) was allowed.
Old vs New Seoul
Love how the Gyeongbokgung is situated against the backdrop of a mountain.
Just to digress a bit- this is Cheongwadae where the Korean President resides. Once again, it highlights how nature is always in one with nature with the Korean architecture even in the urbanised Seoul of today.

Visited in early June 2016


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